Link is a prison outreach organization transforming the lives of incarcerated men and women across the United States. We use an innovative rehabilitation model of personalized engagement, Islamic spiritual knowledge, mentoring, and access to college-level education.


Our model is inspired by the transformation of the civil rights leader Malcolm X, a former prisoner who would become one of the most influential Muslim Americans and African Americans in history. We know the value of the personal touch, so we give incarcerated individuals one-on-one attention through visitation and correspondence. We also provide them access to resources for education and spiritual nourishment.

We believe that by reforming lives on the inside, men and women re-enter society as positive contributors and even future leaders. That way, all of us on the outside benefit too.


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Link offers college-level Islamic studies distance learning courses in partnership with the California Islamic University. Students have completed hundreds of courses with us for an opportunity to gain credit toward an Islamic Studies certificate or an Associate's Degree.

Link also provides a spiritual personal development course. Our courses provide spiritual nourishment, personal growth, higher learning opportunities, and positive accomplishments for parole hearings.


Link offers high-quality Islamic literature, including English translations of the Qur'an to both incarcerated individuals and prison libraries. Some of the books include general information about Islam, how to practice Islam, and advanced religious study material. All book donations are offered free of charge. Our book donation program has grown by leaps and bounds since the beginning, as we currently have donated over 10,000 books across the country.


Link has conducted over 400 visits to county jails, state prisons, and federal correctional facilities. Visits include personal one-on-one visits, religious classes, and Friday prayer service (jumu'ah). Most visits take place in Southern and Central California, with occasional out-of-state visit requests. These face-to-face experiences have a profound impact on those incarcerated, not just because of the class or talk itself, but it illustrates that the community is genuinely there for them. We mentor inmates and help prepare them for re-entry.


We personally respond to handwritten letters we receive from incarcerated men and women requesting spiritual support. Link is one of the few prison outreach organizations that provides mail correspondence, mentoring, and answers to religious questions through the mail. These letters are powerful, especially since many have limited contact from the outside world (sometimes not even from their own families). Link's prison mail correspondence has received thousands of letters from men and women in over 40 different states.



"These are the types of projects that light my heart. This is something that I believe very strongly in and insha'Allah (God willing) I hope you'll support this project and continue to support prison outreach efforts."

Imam Omar Suleiman

Founder & President of Yaqeen Institute

"I'm here to tell you about a wonderful program, Link Outside. The dear brothers and sisters who are working with that program are working to educate the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated Muslims. They are doing it on behalf of all of us...So our part is to support them, financially and with our prayers."

Imam Zaid Shakir

Co-founder of Zaytuna College & United for Change

"It's not about the past, but about the ending. It's important that all of us play a role. Don't forget about the incarcerated Muslims. What you guys are doing is amazing."

Mutah "Napoleon" Beale
Former rapper & member of 2Pac's Outlawz

"I'd like to let you know my heart was filled with love when I got your letter. I have been writing to all the Islamic places and of all of them, you are the only one who wrote back."

Donald P.

High Desert State Prison

"You offered me something just as important to me as books and lessons, you've offered me correspondence, an actual connection to the outside Muslim World."

Elliot W.


"I've been locked up for 14 years and I never seen Muslims from the streets come here to make a change before. It gave me a foundation to build upon, when criminal thinking always seems up front in my mind, it's been replaced with Allah in everything I do."

Eric "Idrees"

CA State Prison-Los Angeles County

"This program creates bonds and friendships that will make our transition into society easier. It creates strong ties with new Muslims and the communities they will be returning to. To invest in this program is like investing in the re-generation of the Muslim community."

Raymond C

CA State Prison-Los Angeles County


Did you know 68% of individuals released from prison will be arrested again within three years, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Justice?


Nearly 10% of incarcerated individuals are Muslim in the United States. It is also the fastest-growing religion in prison. But unfortunately, it is one of the most neglected and least-served groups.

You can help change that by supporting our brothers and sisters in prison and when they come home. 


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